Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I’ve decided to become less focused on numbers. Not that I’m saying goodbye to them altogether, but this will likely be the last where they are referred to as much. This project began on October 19, 2010. That was 165 days ago. The project was 100 films. I screened the 100th title on the 155th day. Which brought me to 99 titles due to a delay in shipping. The title that brought me to 100 was 91 on the list which I screened on the 163rd day. I’ve written about 72 titles and have 28 to go, some dating back more than 40 days ago. I still have every intention of writing about all of these titles but if my memory or interest seems fuzzy, I intend to be upfront and clear about that. After all, the rule I still cling to the most is that there are no rules. A few of you have asked me what’s next. I don’t know. At present, I certainly have no plans for nearly anything as structured. Unless, of course, someone offers me a challenge that I find compelling. At the moment I’m more focused on getting through the end of this one. And, as it’s early April, finishing my taxes. But I will get to 1974 when I get to it. And I’ll get to the rest as well. Sometime afterwards. Thank you for your patience. And if you’re really impatient you’ve probably stopped reading this. And why on earth would I write to someone who’s not reading?

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